There’s no Google Maps for self-driving cars, so this startup is building it

Self-driving cars navigate using both onboard sensors that spot obstacles and detailed, 3-D maps of streets, signs, and infrastructure. But building these maps, and keeping them up to date, is a huge undertaking., a San Francisco–based startup, wants to make the process simpler with a service that provides continuously updated maps on demand.   The service, which launches publicly ...

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For data-savvy marketers, there’s a new keyword: Intent

A customer’s journey is as unique as her fingerprints—which explains why marketers are harnessing technology to analyze, classify, and reach customers on the basis of which actions they take before they convert. In the pre-digital past, a buyer’s journey was predictably linear; now it can involve numerous searches and site visits, traversing several different devices. The twisting trek that customers ...

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China’s use of big data might actually make it less Big Brother-ish

By 2020, China’s new system of social credit scoring is expected to give each citizen a trustworthiness rating based on anything from shopping habits to choice of friends. It may seem like an ideal tool for an authoritarian government that wants to control its citizens. But while authoritarian regimes have always been enthusiastic adopters of surveillance technology, in China’s case ...

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Kenya’s technology evolved. Its political problems stayed the same.

In 2007, incumbent Mwai Kibaki won a divisive presidential election in Kenya. Street protests escalated to ethnic violence in parts of the country, and by April 2008 more than 1,500 people had been killed. A decade later, another election also featured widespread allegations of fraud, and more violence. The casualties were lower this time, but just over 100 were killed, ...

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