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Teacher Donates His Own Kidney to Student, Family Praises God

Teachers are known for giving their time, gifts, and abilities to educate their students. One sixth-grade teacher in Georgia has given more than that – he’s also given his kidney. When William Wilkinson from Grace Christian Academy found out his student Kaden Koebcke needed a kidney transplant, he stepped up the plate. Koebcke was diagnosed with kidney disease when he ...

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! It’s a Good Time to Find Work in America

What needs to happen to keep the American job boom moving forward? Watch Gary Lane’s On The Homefront interview with Alfredo Ortiz to find out.  Are you looking for a job? Americans who want one are discovering there are plenty of employment opportunities. “What we’re seeing is really for the first time also in history we’re seeing that there are ...

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‘That’s Amazing’: Bethel Church Team Helping with Wildfire Clean-up Discovers Powerful Reminder from God’s Word

Bethel Church in California is ministering to victims of the wildfires there even as many members of their congregation have experienced loss as well. Recently, according to a post on social media, the team discovered a burnt page that survived the flames amidst all the rubble and ashes.  “It was encouraging to the team to find the pages, and there ...

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WATCH: Trailer for ‘Gosnell’ Movie Released After Hollywood Tried to Block the Film

One of the most controversial films in recent years is set for release in the middle of the contentious debate over abortion. The long-awaited film, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” hits theaters in October, a victory the film’s makers say wasn’t easy. Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer made it their mission to make a movie exposing the ...

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ISIS Fugitive Accused of ‘Heinous Crimes’ Snuck into USA as an Iraqi ‘Refugee’

A suspected member of the Islamic State terror group accused of “premeditated murder on behalf of ISIS” was arrested in Sacramento, California by FBI and sheriff’s officers. In May, Iraqi authorities issued a warrant for Omar Abdulsattar Ameen’s arrest for allegedly killing an Iraqi policeman while fighting for ISIS in June 2014. Evidence presented in court showed Ameen started working ...

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‘This Is Child Abuse’: Conservatives Demand Netflix Pull Erotic Film Featuring Child Porn

Outrage is growing over a film streamed on Netflix that reportedly contains child pornography. The media watch group Parents Television Council is demanding that Netflix remove the Argentinian film called “Desire.”  A scene in the film shows two young girls watching a movie featuring a cowboy riding a horse. One of the girls mimics the cowboy by bouncing up and ...

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