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‘Heaven Has Gained Another Hero!’ Champion of ‘Charismatic Renewal’ Rev. Ralph Wilkerson Passes Into Eternity

Rev. Ralph Wilkerson, a giant of the evangelical community who was widely known for his fiery preaching and healing miracles during the 1970s, passed away Wednesday. “Just got the sad call that Dr. Ralph Wilkerson has passed away,” author Dr. Mark Rutland tweeted at the news of his death. “I will miss him so much, as will many. He led ...

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‘The City’s Actions Are Creating a Severe Human Cost’: Philly to Ban Catholic Agency from Foster Care Unless it Backs Gay Relationships

Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia has been caring for foster children and placing them in homes for more than a hundred years. But the city abruptly announced in March this year the agency can’t do that any longer.   “Catholic Social Services has been serving the city of Philadelphia for over a hundred years, and they’ve been doing that consistent ...

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Are These LGBT Rights the Only Way to Preserve Religious Liberty? 2 Top Evangelical Groups Think So

Two major evangelical groups are formally asking Congress to expand sexual orientation and gender identity protections under federal nondiscrimination law – with one very important caveat.  The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and the National Association of Evangelicals say the controversial push is an effort to preserve religious freedom.  “We are increasingly persuaded that the most viable political strategy ...

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Treasury Department Relaxes Shocking Church Tax That Could Have Cost ‘Billions’

The Treasury Department released new guidelines Monday that will help ease the parking tax burden on churches and non-profit organizations. The guidelines show churches how to soften the blow of a 2017 tax provision that forces them and other historically tax-exempt groups to pay a 21 percent tax on some benefits they provide their employees, such as parking, transportation and ...

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Pro-Abortionists Call Fetal Tissue Holy Grail in Life-Saving Research, Pro-Lifers Say ‘Not True’ – And They Have Proof

WASHINGTON – The battle over whether or not to discontinue the use of fetal tissue in taxpayer-funded research played out before two House subcommittees on Capitol Hill Thursday. Pro-life groups say government funds should not pay for research using cells or tissue from aborted babies – a position strongly advocated by GOP Reps. Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Rep. ...

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Why ‘Separation of Church and State’ was Never Intended to Mean ‘Government Versus God’

WASHINGTON – December 15 marks the 227th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, which protects freedoms such as speech, press, and religion. It says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” To the Founders, this meant walling off government from interfering with Americans’ faith. Nowadays, the understanding of that wall has become so twisted, it’s sometimes used to ...

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