No Sanctuary! Rising Chorus of California Cities Bucks Gov. Brown

More American cities are now rising up in opposition to state sanctuary laws. 

Hanford, California is the latest of nearly three dozen California jurisdictions – including San Diego and Orange County – that say they’ll cooperate with  ICE agents pursuing illegal immigrants.

Last October, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation limiting the ability of state authorities to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

At the White House Wednesday, President Trump met with some California leaders who oppose sanctuary laws and have joined a federal lawsuit against them. 

He told them many of the illegal immigrants arrested by ICE agents are criminals and some are members of the MS-13 gang.

“We are taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals,” the president insisted.

Trump also told meeting attendees that he wants the Department of Justice to investigate Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. Earlier this year, Schaff warned illegal immigrants that ICE agents were about to make a raid, announcing to the public, “There is potentially an ICE activity planned.”

Trump said, “To me that’s obstruction of justice.”   

Hanford City Councilman Martin Devine explained why his community opposes California’s state sanctuary law.

“We have cartels active here, we have other criminal orgnaizations active here,” he said.  

But not everyone thinks it’s a good idea to help ICE agents arrest and deport illegal immigrants. During public comment time at a recent Hanford City Council meeting, one resident told council members, “You are going against the majority of your district, which is made up of Hispanics.” 

Appearing on the CBN News program “The Global Lane,” the Remembrance Project National Director Maria Espinoza said it’s very important that people understand what is at stake.

“We’re talking about either safe communities, or dangerous communities where our children go to school. You know the school grounds are a big area where the MS-13 gangs recruit from,” she said. 

To hear more from Maria Espinoza, watch The Global Lane this weekend on the CBN Newschannel.

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